Cold Brew - The fastest way to good coffee

Cold Brew - the trend drink for an extraordinary taste experience and lifestyle product with a slightly different coffee taste. Enjoy an aromatic unsweetened coffee drink with high caffeine content. Cold Brew is slowly and gently extracted from 100 % Arabica beans, with the Rainforest Alliance Seal. It offers an intense aroma with fruity chocolate notes.

Enjoyed in numerous ways: chilled, on ice or mixed in cocktails with whiskey, rum, vodka, liqueur, milk, soy milk, rice milk, almond milk or coconut water.

Cold Brew Machine for Cold Brew Concentrate - The machine from our own production complies with user requirements for quick preparation and high quality of the drinks - always fresh, always available and excellent in taste.

Liquid coffee machine Lucia OLC1 for Coffee or Cold Brew

Lucia OLC1 - an all-round talent for hot and cold enjoyment, for coffee or cold brew drinks. This quick and handy machine can be used anywhere with its compact size.