AZKOYEN Vitro S1 Espresso

AZKOYEN Vitro S1 Espresso

The model Azkoyen Vitro S1 Espresso is a powerful table top machine for whole beans. It has been developed from high quality materials and components. The machine is equipped with the M03 Horeca Performance grinder with robust grinding disks made of hardened steel.

Its compact design makes the Vitro S1 the perfect solution for small offices, hotels or retail stores. Designed to give a special coffee experience from first to the last cup. It is ideal if there is a demand for up to 60 cups per day.
Thanks to its ergonomic design, the 4-liter water tank can be removed and reinserted with little effort. A fixed water solution is optionally possible.

Coffee - according to your taste

The brewing system for coffee in the Vitro series is designed for complete control of temperature and pressure in order to ensure an optimal result at all times. The low-pressure brewing process has been optimized for fans of filter coffee, ensuring intensity and balance in the flavour. The user-friendly touchscreen of the Vitro series is just as appealing as the smoked glass door, which elegantly presents the comprehensive menu. This avant-garde combination fits perfectly into any ambience. The display, the cup area lighting and the intuitive positioning of the drip tray guide the user through the individual steps.
This makes serving drinks a truly pleasant experience - almost as pleasant as the coffee itself. The lighting system enables the flexible configuration of light sequences and colours. So you can adapt the machine perfectly to the respective environment. With the lighting in the lower area, the correct positioning of the cup is guaranteed.


    • Dimensions: 30.5 cm wide x 62.5 cm high x 43.0 cm depth
    • Capacity water tank: 4 litres
    • Water filter: yes, in the water tank
    • Options: 8 direct selection buttons
    • Empty weight: 27.5 kg
    • Maximum power: 1,500 W
    • Voltage / frequency: ]230 V / 50 Hz
    • Bean container: 1
    • Container for powder products: 2
    • Grinder: 1
    • Capacity: Whole beans: 1,200 g, topping: 600 g, chocolate: 800 g
    • Drip tray: 1.2 litres
    • Cup area with 2 positions: 8.5 or 10.5 cm
    • Optional: fixed water connection

The Azkoyen Vitro S1 Instant model is available for freeze-dried coffee.

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