BRITA AquaAroma Crema Water Tank Filter

BRITA AquaAroma Crema Water Tank Filter

The BRITA AquaAroma Crema filter cartridge for coffee machines with a water tank reduces the carbonate hardness in drinking water. It is connected to the suction port in the water tank. It filters the water every time a cup is dispensed. It is also suitable for various models from Servomat Steigler, Rheavendors and the Cino series. It protects coffee and espresso machines against scale build-up and ensures pure coffee enjoyment.

The Aroma ring of the BRITA AquaAroma Crema filter cartridge adjusts the filter performance perfectly to the local water conditions. To identify the right adjustment for the respective hardness, indicator stripes will be delivered with each cartridge. The specified colour scale can be used to determinate the best setting for the Aroma ring. The water is sucked through the cartridge for every time a cup is dispensed and thus filtered for the brewing process.

The filter material reduces taste and odor-disruptive ingredients, such as i. g. chlorine. Unwanted flavours and odors are reliably removed. In addition, the filter safely removes any coarse and fine particles that may be present in the water. This optimizes the aroma and crema of the coffee.

BRITA AquaAroma filter cartridges are suitable for use in coffee machines with specially designed integrated water tank systems (suction operation).

BRITA AquaAroma filter cartridge:

  • Reduced service costs
  • Lower operating costs
  • Easy filter replacement - a new cartridge can easily be replaced by the user.
  • The decarbonization can be adjusted via the aroma setting - according to the local water quality.
  • Constant water pressure and temperature during the brewing process
  • Connection to the suction port in the water tank
  • Capacity at 6° e: approx. 242 litres; at 10° e: approx. 145 litres
  • Water inlet temperature: 4 - 30 ° C
  • Dimensions: 42.8 mm width x 106.9 mm height x 60.8 mm depth

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