Brita AquaAroma Water Filter

Brita AquaAroma Water Filter

AquaAroma water filters specifically reduce the carbonate hardness in the water and thus prevent limescale deposits. Unwanted flavours and odors are reliably removed. In addition, the filter safely removes any coarse or fine particles from the water.
AquaAroma filter cartridges are also suitable for use in specially designed or retrofitted tank systems and for mobile coffee machines with integrated water tank - the water is guided by gravity through the filter medium.

Advantages with the AquaAroma cartridge:
- Reduced service costs
- Lower operating costs
- Easy filter replacement - a new cartridge can easily be replaced by the user
- Use directly in the water tank
- Capacity at 5° dH KH: 290 liters; at 10° dH KH: 145 liters

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