BRITA PURITY C iQ Filter Heads

BRITA PURITY C iQ Filter Heads

BRITA PURITY C iQ filter heads for the first data-controlled, networked water filter system. They continually monitor water properties and react automatically to changes to ensure consistent water quality. By digitally networking the filter head and filter cartridge, PURITY C iQ combines all the advantages of the PURITY C filter with new, smart functions for reliable filtration and efficient service.

The intelligent filter head is registered in the BRITA iQ portal. It automatically detects the cartridge size and sends the filter data to the iQ portal. It is possible to show the filter function, upcoming filter changes, the remaining capacity of the filter and the measured water quality at any time.

PURITY C iQ offers full control over filter performance and enables filter replacement planning as needed. In addition, the intelligent iQ filter head guides service technicians in the correct installation and defines the necessary injection quantity. It automatically measures the raw water using sensor technology and then automatically adjusts the waste. An integrated FlowMeter measures water consumption so that PURITY C iQ can calculate the remaining capacity of the filter. All filter data can be viewed transparently in the BRITA iQ portal. By continuously analysing the raw water and automatically reacting to fluctuations in the mineral composition, PURITY C iQ can ensure that the correct filter settings are used for the regional tap water - to consistently achieve excellent beverage quality.

Filter head: online, USB

  • Ensures consistent cup quality
  • Minimises the risk of incorrect installation delivering consistent machine protection.
  • BRITA iQ Portal makes on-site service visits and filter exchanges predictable.
  • Measures the raw water using intelligent sensor technology and automatically adjusts the filter bypass accordingly.
  • Plug & Play technology for easy installation.
  • Automatically connects to the cloud via a narrowband LTE connection.
  • Includes LTE dataplan – no separate subscription or WiFi network needed.   

PURITY C iQ – for even more effective machine protection, consistent beverage quality and efficient service planning.

  • Automation reduces the risk of installation errors, for optimal machine protection.
  • Constant water analysis and automatic filter settings ensure consistent beverage quality.
  • Data transparency in the BRITA iQ Portal enables service visits and filter replacements to be planned as needed, reducing service costs.

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