Brita Purity C Filter Head 30%

Brita Purity C Filter Head 30%

Brita Purity Filter Head 30%

By providing various connections and bypass settings, BRITA Professional filter heads form the basis for the PURITY C filter cartridge range. This Brita Purity filter head has a fixed bypass setting of 30%. 70% of the water is completely filtered, 30% only run through the activated carbon. Unwanted odors and flavours are removed. A residual hardness remains in the water.

The Brita Purity Filter Head 30% has an integrated flush valve, with convenient slider mechanism. The bypass is variably adjustable for different sizes of the Purity C filter cartridges, wall bracket included. It’s available with either 3/8" or John Guest connections.

When changing the amount of water required, it is possible to connect other sizes of Purity C filter cartridges to the filter head. To check the exhausted capacity (amount of water) it is recommended to install a Flowmeter. This can be obtained from us, as well as filter cartridges and matching 3/8" tubing sets.

  • Various head designs for targeted adaptation to individual requirements
  • Simple to handle with rapid-change system
  • Innovative locking handle for reliable adjustment
  • Water inlet and outlet on one filter head side for space-saving installation
  • Integrated flush and bleed valve
  • Simple pre-rinsing and bleeding
  • Fast and convenient filter exchange without the need for tools
  • Water short-cut if cartridge is not inserted
  • Flexible system suitable for different PURITY C filter sizes
  • Variable bypass setting
  • Connections: 3/8" or John Guest connection
  • Wall bracket
  • Installation vertical or horizontal

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