BRITA PURITY C50 Fresh Filter Cartridge

BRITA PURITY C50 Fresh Filter Cartridge

The changeable cartridge for the filter system BRITA PURITY Fresh C50, which was specially developed for soft water areas with a high particle density in the water. The activated carbon mixture reliably keeps these particles away from the machine and product, ensuring a clear fresh taste. In addition, the machine is optimally protected. As a result, the PURITY C50 Fresh reduces a large part of significant negative influences, which can be caused by properties of the water.

Benefits of BRITA PURITY C50 Fresh

  • Professional water optimization especially for hot water applications in soft water areas
  • The best possible machine protection even with high particle densities
  • Reduction of chlorine and all other that negatively affect aroma and taste thanks to the activated carbon filter
  • Simply to handle with rapid-change system with innovative locking handle for reliable adjustment
  • Integrated flush valve for easy operation
  • Space-saving thanks to the water inlet and outlet on one side of the filter head

Systematic filter technology: Activated carbon filtration

  • A pre-filter retains coarse particles.  To reduce elements negatively affecting taste and aroma, all the water is filtered through activated carbon. At the end of the filtration process a fleece retains any fine particles.
  • Capacity: 15.000 litres
  • Max. operating pressure: 8,6 bar
  • Water intake temperature: 4 – 30° C
  • Diensions with filter head: 119 mm width, 108 mm depth, 268 mm height
  • Weight (dry / wet): 0.8 kg / 1.7 kg
  • Connections (input / output): 3/8" BSP or John Guest 8 mm
  • Operating position: horizontal or vertical

The PURITY C500 MinUp filter system is available for regions with very soft water (carbonate hardness (KH) ≤ 3 °dH). Too low a carbonate hardness can overemphasize acids in the coffee. The PURITY C MinUp filter buffers this by releasing minerals.

It is combined with the PURITY C Quell ST as a pre-filter that prepares the water for the reliable release of minerals in the C500 MinUp cartridge.

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