BRITA PURITY C iQ Filter System

BRITA PURITY C iQ Filter System

Intelligent, cloud-based filter system for greater machine protection, consistent water quality and more efficient cartridge service. PURITY C iQ provides reliable machine protection by minimising the risk of incorrect installations. Plug-and-play technology makes installation easier than ever before.

PURITY C iQ easily solves the challenge of fluctuating raw water quality. The intelligent system measures the raw water using sensor technology and automatically sets the bypass for the PURITY C iQ Quell ST cartridges. Its sophisticated algorithms detect changes in the water and automatically adapts the bypass settings to the set carbonate hardness even when in ongoing operation (only PURITY C iQ Quell ST). This ensures consistent and optimal beverage quality throughout the life of the filter.

Using the BRITA iQ Portal, you can get an overview of all installed and registered iQ filters – in all locations. As a result, PURITY C iQ makes it possible to achieve a new level of efficiency in scheduling service visits and filter replacements based on requirements.

PURITY C iQ – for even more effective machine protection, consistent beverage quality and efficient service planning.

  • Automation reduces the risk of installation errors, for optimal machine protection.
  • Constant water analysis and automatic filter settings ensure consistent beverage quality.
  • Data transparency in the BRITA iQ Portal enables service visits and filter replacements to be planned as needed, reducing service costs.

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