BWT bestsave limescale protection pad

BWT bestsave limescale protection pad

BWT bestsave limescale protection pad

The BWT bestsave limescale protection pad offers the perfect basic limescale protection for all hot drinks machines with integrated water tanks. This means that BWT bestsave, in all its various sizes, is compatible with almost every type of coffee-maker, automatic coffee machine and compact vending equipment.

Whether supplied to caterers, bakers, small cafés or to offices in the office coffee sector,
BWT bestsave is still the easiest and most efficient solution for top quality drinks.

Benefits of BWT bestsave technology at a glance:

- Usable in all compact coffee and vending machines with built-in water tanks
- Easy to use and reliable
- The very best quality drinks, consistently, every time
- Safe and effective protection against limescale
- Less maintenance and descaling required

BWT bestsave technology

- Simplicity: no installation needed in the water tank
- All materials used are of food-grade quality
- Hygienic protection against bacterial growth
- Removal of unwanted tastes and smells (e.g. chlorine)

How does the BWT limscale protection pad work?

A food-safe ion exchanger binds calcium ions in the water, preventing the build-up of calcium
carbonate that can lead to those all too familiar calcium deposits.
For optimum flow BWT’s fleece is made from hygienic, food-grade quality material.

Benefit: Preserves expensive high-tech equipment.
The preparation stage works reliably, without disruption, at the required temperature
and for the correct quantity of drinks, while the integrated activated carbon binds all unwanted
elements in the water.

Benefit: Improved water taste and smell mean perfect drinks every time. And any heavy metal
content, such as copper and zinc, which can originate from the water pipes, is also significantly
reduced. Everything is wrapped securely in food-safe fleece material, guaranteeing optimum
flow through the filter.

Operation and use

The BWT bestsave limescale protection pad is very easy to use. As soon as you have unpacked it, give it a quick rinse under the tap and place it directly on the bottom of the water tank in your coffee machine.

With the tank full, the ion exchanger takes 8–10 hours to remove the calcium from the untreated water. For best results carry out the optimisation over night so that there is sufficient water available
for coffee the following day.

BWT bestsave pads therefore offer basic, reliable limescale protection for coffee makers, vending and automatic coffee machines.

Change the bestsave limescale protection pad as soon as the maximum number of units (number of tank refills) have been reached. In the interest of hygiene, the bestsave limescale protection pad
should not be left in the tank for longer than two months, at which point it should be exchanged for a new one.

Simply dispose of your used BWT bestsave limescale protection pads in the waste.

BWT bestsave limescale protection pads are available in three sizes: size S, size M and size L.

Size S M L
Filter capacity at 10 °dKH 50 litres 100 litres 200 litres
Width in mm 95 126 150
Depth in mm 65 82 82
Height in mm 17 20 24

°dKH = German temporary hardness

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