O.SCA.R. 150 Series

O.SCA.R. 150 Series

OSCAR is an innovative descaling device for all small appliances with water in the office and at home. OSCAR 150 for tanks up to 3 liters of water.

How does it work? The water flows through a food-grade special resin granulate in which ions are exchanged. The magnesium and calcium ions are exchanged harmlessly for sodium ions. Thanks to the osmotic principle, OSCAR removes calcium and magnesium ions from the water, which calcify the water tank and the boiler, as well as some heavy metals such as Cr3 + AI3 + Cu2 + Pb2 + Fe2 + Zn2 + NI2 + Cd2 + Ca2 + Mg2.

OSCAR creates this ion exchange for a period of about 6 months. Then it should be replaced as the specialty resin granules lose effectiveness. OSCAR should be used in any household appliance with a water tank as it softens the water BEFORE it enters the circuit of the device. Deposits and calcifications no longer occur!

Other descaling agents in liquid form or tablet form, enter with your additives directly into the device and remove there only limescale and deposits. Since these are mostly acids, they also dissolve the coating inside the boiler or water heater, releasing harmful heavy metals like lead and zinc which get into your drinks. With OSCAR you are on the safe side and your devices are too!
Application: Take the Oscar bag out of the packaging and rinse with cold water. Then put the bag in the empty container and fill it with water.

Technical features:

DIMENSIONS 150 mm X 100 mm
EXIT pH Neutral
Silvered Resin bacteriostatic
Temperature in use 5° - 40° C
Structure Polyester tissue
Expiry Date 18 months from the production date
Made in Italy
Disposal Type NON hazardous special waste
CER 19.09.05

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