PURITY Clean and PURITY Extra Clean

PURITY Clean and PURITY Extra Clean

The PURITY Clean can be used to partially demineralise water. It should be applied where carbonate hardness level is high and the removal of other minerals is not required. With the PURITY Clean Extra the result is a fully demineralised water for use where a reduction in quality can occur due to an additional high mineral content in the water. As a guideline, for an evaluation of the additional mineral content in decarbonized water, the conductivity can be used (measured in μS/cm).

Benefits from PURITY Clean and PURITY Clean Extra:

  • PURITY Clean: glasses, white crockery and cutlery look clean and unmarked – without any hand polishing
  • PURITY Clean Extra: sparkling glasses, gleaming white crockery, and cutlery without streaks and marks for the highest demands without any hand polishing
  • Limescale deposits in the machine are prevented – the machines run longer without loss of efficienc
  • Repair and service costs are clearly reduced
  • Particularly suited to hot water applications (up to 60 °C)
  • Easy handling due to the PURITY replacement cartridge system

Systematic filter technology: pre-filtration, carbonate hardness reduction, permanent hardness reduction, Anion reduction, fine filtration.


  • Partial desalination or full desalination
  • Max. operating pressure: 6,9 bar
  • Water intake temperature: 4 – 60° C
  • Connections (input / output): G 1" / G 3/4" BSP
  • Operating position: horizontal or vertical
  • Dimensions: 550 mm height, 288 mm width
  • Weight (dry): 18 kg
  • Weight (wet): 24 kg

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