Fructomat JDM 2

Fructomat JDM 2

Fructomat JDM 2

Small but mighty! The small classic machine has 2 x 3 litres concentrate Bag-in-Box in the device. It is the perfect solution for different requirements. It prepares the desired drinks from concentrates and fresh water.

The patented and innovative FRUCTOMAT drink system spares the environment from a lot of noise, empty transport kilometres and CO2. 80% less warehousing and logistics and at least 50% less energy use for cooling compared to packaged drinks (bottles, cans, cartons, etc.). Each FRUCTOMAT is an effective drink manufacturing system and can be used wherever you want. It produces fresh fruit juices, fruit juice drinks, soft drinks, natural tea or sports drinks from concentrate and fresh water – you can‘t have it any more efficient, cost-effective or fresher than this – a future oriented investment.

The JDM generation is particularly characterized by:

  • High energy efficiency through flow cooling, LED lighting, etc.
  • Flexible programming for concentrates from 1 + 4 to 1 + 49
  • Fully automatic cleaning after EVERY drink without residue
  • Very high beverage capacity with an incredibly small housing size
  • Easy service and high reliability

Fructomat JDM 2

  • 2 x 3 litres concentrate Bag-in-Box in the device
  • 2 drink selection buttons + chilled water
  • Preselection hot or Co2 – OPTIONAL (model hot & cold or Co2)
  • 1 central drink exit with LED lighting (hygienic glass tube), with fully automatic cup sensor
  • Automatic cleaning and increased hygiene through airtight seal of concentrates
  • Fully electronic control of concentrate dosage and output quantities
  • Reliable and made-to-last – premium materials, robust surfaces
  • Ease of use – easy refilling, programming, service and cleaning
  • Perfect mixing result through patented MidMix®-system
  • Multilingual LCD-Info Display (except eco model)
  • Preparation for payment systems + accounting (except eco model)
  • Optional: Customized front-display with your own design

Available in the following versions:

JDM 2 ECO (with LED bar instead of LC D Display), JDM 2 STILL, JDM 2 CO2, JDM 2 Hot & Cold, JDM 2 Hot & ambient

General specifications JDM 2 ECO, JDM 2 STILL, JDM 2 CO2

  • Dimensions: Width: 425 mm, Height: 435 mm, Depth: 460 mm
  • Weight empty: 40 kg, 44 kg for JDM 2 CO2
  • Water pressure: 1.5 bar to 6 bar max.
  • Operating voltage: 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 250 W, 320 W for JDM 2 CO2
  • Product capacity: 2 x 3 litres BIB
  • Selection buttons: 3 (incl. Water)
  • Flavours: 2
  • Cooling capacity: 24 to 28 litres per hour depending on the model
  • Exit height: 160 - 240 mm
  • Puls or fixed amount: 150 - 500 ml
  • Optional: automatic carafe preselection
  • Illuminated dispensing area
  • ESI (easy-to-change product labels)
  • Water tank system: optional

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