Tea Machine Hot & Cold JDM 2

Tea Machine Hot & Cold JDM 2

Pure tea, 100% naturally produced, suitable as a high quality hot drink or as iced tea - from a single machine. By pressing on a preselection button, the variants hot tea or iced tea are selected. Within only 6 seconds the tea is ready. Immediately after a hot tea, an iced tea can be consumed without wasting time - and vice versa. This system is unique in its flexibility and year-round use.

• LED illuminated output area with color change from BLUE = cold drinks to RED = hot drinks!
• The system in combination with MidMix II technology and the alternate dispensing of hot and cold drinks is innovative, very efficient in the use of energy and registered as an EU patent.
• JDM 2 Hot & Cold - the small professional kitchen for hot and cold, 100% natural and high-quality tea beverages (also organic).
• Simple, fast and reliable. With electronic dosage setting, electronically monitored heating with pulse technology, including bookkeeping and customer information display. Automatic cleaning and central dispensing via a hard glass tube for best hygiene!
• With maintenance-free dry cooling and a strong 2.3 KW stainless steel boiler for high output capacity. Free dispensing or coin insertion (optional) increase the possibilities enormously.


Diemensions: 42.0 cm width x  42.0 cm hight x 46.0 cm depth
Weight empty: 37 kg
Water pressure:  1.0 bar to 6 bar
Operating voltage:  230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption:  2.700 W
Preselection buttons:  1
Product varieties:  3
Product capacity:  2 x 3 liter BIB
Dispensing temperatur: 5 ℃ up to 85 ℃
Coin Validor: optional
Water tank: optional

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