Water Dispensers

Tap your favorite water at the touch of a button: sparkling or still, chilled or ambient. With fixed water dispensers, your water conduit becomes a natural source. Water dispensers are suitable for use in retail, medical practices and clinics as well as in offices and companies - thanks to decades of experience in optimizing drinking water combined with technical hygiene know-how.

sempreAqua® PS 20

The sempreAqua® PS 20 model is perfect for small offices. The water dispensers from rheavendors servomat offer the most innovative technologies to enjoy filtered table water every day.


sempreAqua® PS 60

The sempreAqua® PS 60 water dispenser from rheavendors servomat - fast and powerful with a direct connection to the water pipe. They dispense up to 60 litres of water per hour: still, medium or sparkling, unchilled, chilled or corbonated, even with a jug function. Ideal for offices or lounges.


sempreAqua® PS 150

The sempreAqua® PS 150 model is for larger needs. Thanks to two simultaneous dispensing options, it produces up to 150 litres of sparkling water per hour.


Water dispenser Eau~K 1 Top

With EAU~K your water pipe becomes a natural source of pure, fresh and sparkling drinking water. The water dispenser EAU~K 1 is ideal for small to medium-sized offices, for kitchenettes in care facilities and companies. The cooling is continuously adjustable.


Water dispenser Eau~K 2 Top

The EAU~K 2 water dispenser is ideal for medium to large offices and for hygiene-sensitive areas such as care facilities and clinics. It produces up to 140 liters of water per hour. Tap your favorite water at the touch of a button: sparkling or still, chilled or ambient.


Eau~K 2 eTab and eTube

The electric dispensers EAU~K eTap and eTube are equipped with two illuminated stainless steel buttons for either chilled still or chilled sparkling water. Both dispensing systems are equipped with the TKS Tap disinfection and can be combined with the EAU~K Sub built-in device.