Simply screw it on and enjoy better water immediately. The natural water optimization for home and business. All Whirlator® products operate without power or other energy input and without any addition of chemicals. The Whirlators are operated by the existing line pressure and are completely maintenance free.

Limescale deposits are reduced by up to 90% thanks to Whirlator® technology. The turbulence is based on the principle in nature, which requires neither salt, chemicals nor electricity. The renaturation of the water increases the bioavailability and hexagonal structures are formed like in spring water. Nature shows how it's done. The result is the Whirlator® technology, which optimally reproduces the natural vortex phenomena. Back to the original state in order to be able to unfold your natural power freely again.

Improve your coffee taste and enjoy spring water quality.

  • Saving water and energy
  • Cost savings through reduced maintenance costs and retention of existing systems
  • Longer service life of water pipes, fittings and technical devices that come into contact with water
  • Significantly reduces calcification and stains
  • Time savings through less cleaning effort
  • Lower surface tension - less consumption of detergents and cleaning agents etc.

The different models of Whirlators range from entry-level solutions to large-scale projects.

Whirlator® MA 340

For use on all devices powered by drinking water and machines, washing machines and dishwashers that are to be protected against lime and biofilm formation, and for use in the garden.


Whirlator® WTC 241

The all-round Whirlator® for taps and fittings. By converting the lime dissolved in the water, surfaces of the sink and the tap are sustainably protected against limescale deposits.


Whirlator® EWY 3/8“ or EWY 1/4“

For use in hygiene-sensitive areas, before and after ultrafiltration, as well as in coffee and beverage dispensers - limescale protection and germ protection for drinking water systems.