Whirlator® MA 340

Whirlator® MA 340

For use on all appliances powered by drinking water and machines that are to be protected against limescale and biofilm formation, as well as on steam cleaners, washing machines and dishwashers. The Whirlator® MA 340, the Vortex System, increases the water solubility and supports the cleaning processes in machines. In addition, up to 80% calcium deposits are reduced.
The unit can be mounted on any fitting / faucet with G 3/4'' connection on the external thread of the faucet / faucet.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: brass / sanitary standard chrome-plated and knurled
    • Dimensions: Diameter: 34 mm x 34 mm length
    • Weight: 75 g
    • Capacity: approx. 24 liters / min. at 3,5 bar
    • Connection / Size: G 3/4'' - G 3/4'' I-A (female and male) for connection to the fitting / water          inlet / machine connection
    • Certificates in combination: TÜV, DIN ISO certified, Hygieneinstitut Gelsenkirchen, parts water tested in accordance with DVGW guidelines

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