Fully automatic machine for tea & coffee

The model FK20D for liquid tea concentrates from Selen is manufactured in our own factory. The machine dispenses tea quickly and easily, up to 6 litres/minute. It has two separate drink outlets and an extra integrated hot water outlet.

It offers a capacity for 2 Bag-in-Box (BiB) up to 2 litres each. 2 varieties of tea are possible, black tea and green tea, or 1 of tea and 1 of liquid coffee concentrates from AROMAT Cafe. Depending on the setting of the machine a BiB of 2 litres tea produces up to 56 litres of tea, a BiB of 2 litres coffee produces up to 60 litres of coffee.

This dispenser from Kaffee-Konzepte complies with user requirements for quick preparation and high quality tea or coffee. In addition, it offers the opportunity to fill jugs very quickly. It has an adjustable free pay timer and an adjustable night-mode and standby-mode.

The price-performance ratio of this machine makes the FK20D particularly interesting for situations in which not only great taste and ease of use are required, but also where costs are an important factor.

General specifications

  • 2 BiB up to 2 litres each for two varieties of tea or 1 of tea and 1 of coffee
  • Adjustable strength of drinks and cup size
  • Fill jugs up to 27 cm tall
  • Adjustable free pay timer
  • Adjustable night-mode and standby-mode
  • Automatic cleaning system with the press of a button
  • Dimensions: 32.0 cm width x 70.5 cm height with 10.5 cm legs x 55.0 cm depth
  • Optional: 6.5 cm legs = 66.5 cm height
  • Empty weight:                            31 kg (standard)
  • Operational weight:                   46 kg (standard)
  • Construction type:                     Stainless steel with brushed surface
  • Output quantity:                         Up to 6 litres per minute (standard)
  • Boiler capacity:                           10 litres
  • Intake drip tray:                           Metal or plastic
  • Minimum water inlet pressure:  0.02 bar (2.9 PSI)
  • Maximum water inlet pressure: 0.6 bar (87 PSI)
  • Operating voltage single-phase: 220 Vac / 240 Vac
  • Operating voltage three-phase: 380 Vac / 420 Vac
  • Frequency:                                   50/60 Hz
  • Heating power:                            75 kW to 7.5 kW
  • Cooling unit class:                      T
  • LED door light: Warm white (standard)
  • Individual branding possible
  • High visibility OLED display
  • Optional: Coin validator, coin changer, card systems

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