Liquid Coffee


Anyone who has appreciated the quick and easy handling of CAFEA bottles from Cafeahaus AG need not to worry that Cafea liquid coffee is no longer produced. Instead, one can now look forward to a product from the company DEK Berlin (Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee). It produces AROMAT Cafe liquid coffee extracts in Bag-in-Box packs (BiB).

These are about twice as concentrated as CAFEA coffee and therefore much more productive.
In addition, the AROMAT concentrates are unfrozen, which gives them a handling advantage over the frozen CAFEA coffee.

The coffee extracts are manufactured and processed in a specialist manufacturing plant in Germany. The quality of the coffee extract is maintained by careful handling in an exactingly precise production process. This ensures a high quality concentrated liquid coffee extract. The concentrated extract contains a minimum of 27.5% coffee solids, this maintains the consistency of the product and promotes the luxurious flavours associated with this production method. The manufacturing process adheres to all the strict German Coffee Ordinances and regulations.

The concentrated extracts are supplied in 2 litres BiB (Bag in Box) packs which are sterile filled. This filling process retains the delicate aromas and flavours of this high quality coffee product particularly well.

AROMAT coffee extracts may be dispensed by hand using a simple tap fitted to the BiB for manual mixing, or through automatic coffee machines designed to mix the concentrates with hot water in the correct mixing ratios for consistent flavour in repeatable amounts.

All manner of coffee drinks may be created using AROMAT concentrates when milk and other ingredients are included in a Kaffee-Konzepte fully automatic coffee dispenser. Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino and many other speciality drinks may be dispensed in seconds with no fuss.

AROMAT also produce the increasingly popular ‘Cold Brewed’ coffee concentrate which is readily mixed with cold or chilled water to create ready to drink ‘Cold brew’ coffee.

Recommended mixing ratios:
The recommended mixing ratio of AROMAT coffee concentrates to water ranges from 1 part concentrate to 25 parts water (1:25) down to 1 part concentrate to 35 parts water (1:35). Note that 1:25 is a stronger coffee than 1:35. The most commonly used ratio in catering for a simple straight black coffee is 1:28.

Depending on the mixing ratio of concentrate to water, up to 72 litres of black coffee may be produced from a standard 2 litres BiB. The standard mix ratio for cold brewed coffee extract is 14:1 (14 parts water to 1 part cold brewed concentrate). One 1 litre Bag in Box will make 15 litres of cold brew coffee.


AROMAT Cafe ORGANIC DIRECT, Liquid organic coffee extract, Non-frozen

100 % Arabica coffee with a very mild taste profile. 100 % organic with the Fairtrade seal. DE-ÖKO-005; DE-ÖKO-009. Non-frozen. Also suitable for Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) machines.



Fine-tuned coffee blend containing Arabica and Robusta coffees from well-known coffee regions for a balanced coffee taste. 100% Rainforest Alliance certified. Non-frozen. Also suitable for Jacobs Douwe Egberts machines.



A strong blend of savoury Robusta coffees, 100% Rainforest Alliance certified, for a powerful spicy coffee with good structure and full-bodied flavours. Non-frozen. Also suitable for Jacobs Douwe Egberts machines.


AROMAT COLD BREW Coffee, Non-frozen

Liquid COLD BREW coffee concentrate made from 100% Arabica beans, 100% Rainforest Alliance certified. Slowly brewed, with high caffeine content. Unfrozen.