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Are you looking for an easy to use, competitively priced, high quality, coffee, water or other drinks dispenser?
For public venues, large or small business use or home use, we can offer you a cost effective solution for machines and products.

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Specialists in Liquid Coffee

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For more than 25 years, Kaffee Konzepte has operated as a system provider and service company to the professional coffee supply industry. As well as supplying everything you need for your coffee business, we also manufacture a range of specialist drinks dispensers for liquid coffee concentrates.


Coffee machines

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We manufacture a range of dispensers of ready to drink coffee and tea drinks, quickly, at up to 6 litres per minute.


Drink Dispensers

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Coffee machines, fruit juice dispensers, soup dispensers or water dispensers, we can offer quick and cost effective beverage supply solutions for your customers and employees.


Continuous robotic test

For over a year, a Hot & Cold machine from our factory has been proving itself by continuously serving drinks to visitors, using a robot, with our distributor in Singapore.

Kaffee-Konzepte Kaffeautomaten Getränkeautomaten Speiseautomaten

Rent or lease coffee machines

Kaffee-Konzepte - your partner for coffee machines in the office and business.

Kaffee-Konzepte is a professional supplier of coffee products and dispensers for the hotel, workplace and hospital catering environment. Whatever your beverage supply requirement is we can offer you a cost-effective solution. We have the correct dispenser and coffee products for every type of business. We supply coffee machines for fresh beans, instant products or high-volume liquid coffee concentrate drinks. From a simple tabletop machine to a speciality coffee machine serving Cappuccinos etc. or even a super-fast bulk black coffee maker, we have a solution that fits.

We also offer a large selection of versatile dispensers serving everything from chilled water and fruit drinks to cold Brew coffee, Tea, hot soup and even Mashed-Potato with gravy. Naturally, we also supply all the necessary filling products for your dispenser.
We are happy to offer help and advice when you are searching for the right solution to satisfy your beverage requirements.
Installation and maintenance of your chosen dispenser is also not a problem, our 24-hour service technicians are only a phone call away.

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